5.0 out of 5 stars. Short, practical, and life changing. I love how simple it is and how easy it is to follow. This is a must-read! From Amazon Get book: Using Stoicism to Overcome Adversity: A Short Guide to Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy.


5.0 out of 5 stars. Worth reading Short and easy to read. Interesting and a great beginning to learn about REBT. I recommend it. Will keep as reference. From Amazon Get book: Using Stoicism to Overcome Adversity: A Short Guide to Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy.

Rosie Alba

5.0 out of 5 stars. Want to know more about REBT before diving in? If anyone else is like me and found out about REBT, wanted to know more but didn’t wanna spend $30 on a book without knowing more about it… Then this is a wonderful short and concise reading on REBT and it’s … Continue reading Jericon


5.0 out of 5 stars. A Dramatic example of the creative application of the law of Occam’s Razor in the parsimonious reduction of the complexities of human beings and existence To their most simplest possibilities. A profound understanding that every thing human has its origins in the space in the subjective states of human consciousness. … Continue reading Marvin Kasow

Marvin Kasow

5.0 out of 5 stars. Quick, easy explanation. I wanted a general explanation of how REBT worked. This guide was very informative and easy to follow. I like how the author used examples to get his point across. Although it seems like it might be helpful to some, I’m not sure I can embrace the … Continue reading Kiki911


5.0 out of 5 stars. Good exercises at the end to practice. This product is a concise overview of Albert Ellis version of self-therapy. It really gets to the meat of what Ellis was able to extrapolate from Stoic Philosophy to develop an easy-to-understand and use system of retraining your perception, behaviors, and thus, emotional … Continue reading Amazon Customer

Amazon Customer

4.0 out of 5 stars. Quick overview. This book is a very fast read and provides a quick, high-level overview of REBT. According to this overview, there are three governing principles, but other REBT books are pretty thick, so I’m gonna guess there’s more and that the author highlighted the over-arching ones. An overall good … Continue reading Lana M.

Lana M.

5.0 out of 5 stars. Fast. Quick. Easy read. fast and quick overview of RET. Worth it as fast introduction. From Amazon. Get book: Using Stoicism to Overcome Adversity: A Short Guide to Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy.


I honestly could not put this book down. So inspiring and honest, it will open your eyes to your own truth. (Book: Rationally Overcoming Depression)


5 out of 5 Stars. Must have been Mr. Olson’s doctoral dissertation but really really helpful. It is worth the small price to pay for sound advice I actually followed for 4 weeks. I did stand backward (facing the back wall) of a crowded elevator as he suggested among other odd but doable antics. It … Continue reading Captain America

Captain America

5 out of 5 stars. This book is both brilliant and succinct. Aaron Olson has a very beautiful mind; and a way of expressing it the way that I can only compare, to Dr. Norman Vincent Peale in his classic “The Power of Positivive Thinking”. From Amazon. Get book: Using Stoicism to Overcome Adversity: A … Continue reading Donna Rae

Donna Rae

A great source of info. What I really like is that it isn’t biased to one point of view but includes interviews with people with differing opinions. And the episodes are short, succinct and don’t come across as an advertorial. From Apple Podcasts, The Aaron Olson Podcast.


I’m running faster today than I was in the same races last year, when I was running higher mileage. I hope that trend will continue as I definitely seemed to have plateaued a bit last year so it is nice to see forward progress again. I’m filling my new-found time with other activities that could … Continue reading Bryan Hassin

Bryan Hassin

Low-Mileage Running is a fantastic book, I have read it twice and refer back to it regularly, it’s clear and easy to understand. Aaron explains how you can get quicker with your running whilst training less. By listening to your body and focusing on key workouts during the week, I love it as I can … Continue reading Colin Cartwright

Colin Cartwright

Informative & Inspiring. Aaron Olson has had a great lineup of guests, many of them highly regarded in the paleo & endurance sport communities. You can tell Aaron knows his stuff when it comes to nutrition & fitness. He’s read (or at least can speak intelligently about) his guest’s books & he asks some really … Continue reading Bartbartels


This podcast follows the same format as the well-established PaleoRunner, with short but concise interviews with some interesting guests from a different range of backgrounds. – VanSkate from the United Kingdom via Apple Podcasts


I like Aaron’s approach and his own experience matches the topics raised in his latest podcast. I can relate to him as a runner and enjoy the interviews. – UltraLuke from the United Kingdom via Apple Podcasts


Another awesome podcast! Aaron Olson is consistently interviewing extraordinary guests. His athletic and health-focused background lends itself to thoughtful questions his listeners will surely appreciate and learn from. Great show!! 3fu3l Podcast

Tammy N.

So informative and inspiring! I Love the podcast! From Apple Podcasts, The Aaron Olson Podcast.

Gene Villeneuve

Great Show!! Aaron always does a great job with his guests. Good information – Way to go Aaron! 3fu3l Podcast

Tom Barbieri

Interesting! As always Aaron does a great job interviewing guests who inspire and provide good information that you can apply in your training. 3fu3l Podcast via Apple Podcasts


Aaron is amazing at his craftOft times I want to ask a question while I listen and incredibly Aaron asks that very question of his guest! He is very good at his craft. I like paleo, I like running, I like his guests, and I like his style. Check this one out. scottyO-Aspen. From Apple … Continue reading Scotty-O-Aspen


Going into this I thought it would be a giant ad for 3Fu3l, but I was very pleasantly surprised in fact 3Fu3l is rarely mentioned. Instead, the focus of the podcast was about how very high-performing athletes train, eat, and recover with very practical tips on how average joes can do it as well. I … Continue reading Tribuddha


Lots of great interviews! Stay up to date on all the latest info! From Apple Podcasts, The Aaron Olson Podcast.


I’m a big fan of the show, never miss an episode. – Malofquist from the United States. From Apple Podcasts, The Aaron Olson Podcast.


Love it! Just what I was looking for-I need more, as I’ve listened to them all, and am craving more. Thanks. Always full of good information and easy to listen to. –Krph from the United States From Apple Podcasts, The Aaron Olson Podcast.


Aaron does a great job of interviewing many of the experts in the fields of Paleo Diet, Low-Carb, Ketogenic diet as well as endurance sports of running, triathlon, etc. Highly recommended for those interested in these topics. – KRRunyan from the United States From Apple Podcasts, The Aaron Olson Podcast.


Great info! Great quick podcasts providing the information you need. Highly recommended! From Apple Podcasts, The Aaron Olson Podcast.


Aaron Olson hosts a unique podcast that combines interesting guest interviewees with athletes, coaches and nutritionists who eschew the mainstream in favour of more a more natural/ancestral approach. Aaron’s interview style is unique and refreshing, making it easy for people unfamiliar with this approach to quickly get up to speed (no pun intended). I regularly … Continue reading VanSkate


One of my favourites on running and diet. I’m surprised this hasn’t a few more reviews. I think it’s excellent. Downloaded the lot for my summer holiday listening and look forward to every next episode. Very good mix of reviews, discussions with authors for someone like me new to running and already finding low carb … Continue reading SSSSSLLLLLLL


Aaron finds very interesting guests for his podcast. He must do a lot of research before the interviews because he asks very insightful questions. But his style is unintrusive and allows the interviewee to shine. It’s great stuff. From Apple Podcasts, The Aaron Olson Podcast.


Very Enjoyable and Informative Programme! From Apple Podcasts, The Aaron Olson Podcast.