Captain America

5 out of 5 Stars. Must have been Mr. Olson’s doctoral dissertation but really really helpful. It is worth the small price to pay for sound advice I actually followed for 4 weeks. I did stand backward (facing the back wall) of a crowded elevator as he suggested among other odd but doable antics. It felt strange but empowering to know I had the gumption (cajones) to go against society’s norm and survive the trip to the 5th floor.

I tapped into feelings long-suppressed but now bubbling to the surface for recognition and healing. PTSD is not fun nor does it ever really go away.
His philosophy helped diffuse my once invasive repetitive distorted controlling thoughts and behavior.

Passed the pamphlet on to my therapist and other veterans in my Mindfulness classes at the Prescott VA.

From Amazon. Get book: Using Stoicism to Overcome Adversity: A Short Guide to Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy.