Daniel Krawisz on Entrepreneurship, Economics, and Bitcoin Part 3

00:00:00.000 Daniel Krawisz https://twitter.com/DanielKrawisz
00:00:51.000 The Night Fox https://twitter.com/lenuitrenard
00:01:52.000 Daniel’s favorite BSV token?
00:02:05.000 When will BoostPow be back? https://boostpow.com/
00:03:55.000 Solana https://solana.com/
00:05:00.000 Proof of stake system https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Proof_of_stake
00:05:35.000 Austrian Economics https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Austrian_School
00:10:20.000 Litecoin https://litecoin.org/
00:10:50.000 Altcoins
00:11:32.000 Speculative bubble in crypto
00:12:45.000 Synergistic energy in bitcoin
00:13:30.000 Philosophy vs Economics
00:14:11.000 Economics tells us where we are going
00:14:40.000 Daniels Videos https://streamanity.com/cosmosstag@moneybutton.com
00:16:10.000 Skin in the game: Austrian Economics and Bitcoin
00:19:00.000 Bitcoin is the most important thing going on the world right now
00:20:00.000 Craig Wright https://craigwright.net/
00:20:38.000 Craig Wright, Whale Pool https://youtu.be/kp5bOOwF8Yc
00:21:40.000 Jeff Tucker on Altcoins
00:22:28.000 Mises on profit and loss https://mises.org/library/profit-and-loss-0
00:24:25.000 Mises on Socialism https://mises.org/library/socialism-economic-and-sociological-analysis
00:26:42.000 Hans-Hermann Hoppe on the Austrian Method https://mises.org/library/economic-science-and-austrian-method
00:29:28.000 Economics tells us if the market is working
00:31:30.000 Barriers to bitcoin
00:33:27.000 Lack of knowledge in bitcoin
00:34:00.000 Peter Schiff on money
00:35:25.000 Fools rush in where Angels fear to tread
00:36:10.000 Would it be better if more economists joined BSV?
00:38:02.000 Bitcoiners should look to each other
00:39:56.000 Daniel’s journey into bitcoin and entrepreneurship
00:41:41.000 Daniel did not think bitcoin would work
00:44:20.000 Matterpool https://matterpool.io/
00:47:40.000 Economics is like a navigation system
00:48:20.000 Consumers and bitcoin
00:49:37.000 The need for entrepreneurs in bitcoin
00:51:00.000 We need people who want to earn bitcoin
00:51:25.000 What are the most exciting projects in bitcoin?
00:52:29.000 We need a proof-of-work service
00:53:20.000 Proof-of-work eliminates scammers
00:56:47.000 We need more people who listen carefully
00:58:50.000 What kind of collaborators do you need?
00:59:15.000 We need open-source in bitcoin
01:03:45.000 We need more people who can program
01:05:00.000 How long does it take to learn bitcoin programming
01:07:15.000 Programming is similar to literacy
01:09:15.000 The biggest hurdle in programming is believing you can do it
01:10:55.000 Religion
01:11:44.000 Marginal utility and opportunity costs
01:14:20.000 Marginal utility of money
01:16:49.000 Diamonds vs water paradox https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paradox_of_value
01:19:00.000 Thomas Sowell https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thomas_Sowell
01:20:50.000 The world is insane
01:21:30.000 Cathedral as proof-of-work
01:22:45.000 Outro

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