Daniel Krawisz on Bitcoin, Entrepreneurship, Economics Part 4

00:00:00.000 Daniel Krawisz https://twitter.com/DanielKrawisz
00:00:51.691 What comes after bitcoin?
00:01:16.117 Get as rich as possible
00:01:25.613 Bitcoin is like building an engine
00:01:45.799 Austrian economics is like thermodynamics
00:03:34.687 The problems of socialism https://mises.org/library/praxeology-knowledge-problem-socialism
00:03:58.870 Money is efficiency
00:04:51.565 Without money we lack cooperation
00:05:25.167 Without money we get central planning
00:06:47.390 What is profit paying for? https://mises.org/library/meaning-competition-0
00:07:11.065 Profit is superior planning https://mises.org/library/profit-and-loss
00:09:18.703 Entrepreneurs are superior planners
00:11:09.064 Knowledge of the future is the most valuable thing
00:14:59.046 Profits are caused by differential knowledge
00:18:21.421 Anti-inductivity https://www.lesswrong.com/posts/h24JGbmweNpWZfBkM/markets-are-anti-inductive
00:18:36.272 Scientism https://mises.org/library/pretense-knowledge
00:19:21.549 Marx said capitalists are parasites
00:19:55.751 When you get rid of profits, you get rid of planning
00:21:52.723 Is bitcoin a ray of sunshine?
00:22:28.276 Bitcoin is a way of getting wealthy by understanding economics
00:25:27.507 A block is a history of the economy
00:26:01.918 Miners will apply knowledge for profit
00:27:04.582 Will bitcoin become undeniable?
00:27:26.381 Selfish mining
00:28:21.896 What is a selfish miner?
00:34:26.616 Hurdles to bitcoin
00:34:56.619 Bitcoiner’s big mistake
00:35:34.527 Entrepreneurship is spending money to make money
00:36:46.917 Make things for other bitcoin entrepreneurs
00:37:31.591 Ignore non-bitcoiners
00:39:23.370 Bitcoin is like Galt’s Gulch
00:40:24.840 We need SPV service and programmers
00:41:17.048 We need bitcoin miners https://bitcoinfiles.org/t/0c9544cf8650794d0221a0b11fec45ed19409e6deef9b3eeeea7ee956cdde7af
00:42:44.725 Accountancy
00:43:48.906 Bitcoiners need to be more realistic
00:44:00.109 Chain analysis
00:44:53.100 Privacy
00:45:52.254 Crowdfunding on the blockchain
00:48:57.106 What happens if you lose your keys
00:50:09.881 Craig Wright getting stolen funds back https://coingeek.com/craig-wright-begins-landmark-legal-action-to-retrieve-stolen-coins/
00:51:15.468 Craig Wright’s lawsuit
00:52:34.372 Is there a turning point in bitcoin coming?
00:55:19.705 Up next: time https://mises.org/library/time-and-praxeology

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