Be Creative, Silence Your Inner Critic

It’s easy to be a critic. It’s a cheap existential trick! We can easily raise our self-esteem by putting others down. Instead of creating something, we take a shortcut and criticize.

It’s so easy to critique.

When we criticize, in effect we say: “Haha, look at that fool trying to create something of value. What a stupid idea. It will never go anywhere.”

It’s hard to create!

Not all creative work is great. Most of the time, it’s just okay. But sometimes it’s glorious.

If we listen to our inner critic, we’ll never know. Without practicing creativity, we’ll never experience the glory and wonder of making something great.

Creativity begets creativity.

Let your creative juices flow. The next time you think about criticizing, try creating something instead. Pick something from this list and start creating.

5 thoughts on “Be Creative, Silence Your Inner Critic

      1. It’s like a manual for special needs parents . My daughter has a rare condition. I’m going to write it specifically for parents whose children will never be independent. It’s been an emotional, but healing journey so far .

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