David Gornoski on Jesus Christ, René Girard and Scapegoating

In this podcast interview, I talk with David Gornoski about René Girard’s ideas on the role of scapegoating in society. David says that Jesus turned the traditional role of scapegoating on it’s head. He maintains that Christ changed the course of society by destroying the pagan use of scapegoating.

00:00:00 David Gornoski https://aneighborschoice.com/
00:01:00 Jeff Diest https://mises.org/profile/jeff-deist
00:01:40 Science and U Show https://aneighborschoice.com/show/science-and-u/
00:03:45 Things Hidden Podcast https://aneighborschoice.com/show/things-hidden/
00:04:00 René Girard https://amzn.to/3MZYtqq
00:08:30 Scapegoating & The Science
00:11:00 Jesus Changed the role of Scapegoating
00:13:25 Mimetic desire
00:16:14 The left and mimetic desire
00:18:40 The traditional scapegoat
00:19:40 Jesus and the scapegoat
00:21:05 What’s wrong with scapegoating?
00:23:18 Since Christ came, scapegoating no longer works
00:27:35 Marcionite Christian Church against COVID https://aaronolson.blog/2021/11/26/marcionite-christian-church-and-the-covid-scam/
00:30:00 Christ inverts the scapegoating mechanism
00:34:00 Myth helps us contain violence
00:35:09 The Gospels reveal the disgusting sausage-making of scapegoating
00:37:00 The emphasis on the victim is a modern phenomenon
00:37:42 How does this affect an atheist’s worldview?
00:40:27 How did Jesus save the world?
00:41:20 Jesus liberated us from the scapegoat mechanism
00:42:55 Belief vs practice
00:44:27 Big tech censorship
00:45:25 Dr. Lisanti, antibiotics and cancer https://aneighborschoice.com/michael-lisanti-interview-on-his-breakthrough-antibiotic-solution-for-cancer-metastasis-atp/
00:49:00 Christianity is about an arch in history
00:50:00 Jesus and skepticism
00:53:42 Fleischmann–Pons Cold Fusion https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cold_fusion
00:56:00 Ancel Keys
00:57:33 CBC René Girard Documentary https://youtu.be/g8Y8dVVV4To

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