Stanton Peele on Addiction

I talk with Dr. Stanton Peele about the nature of addiction. Dr. Peele is a psychologist who believes that addiction is a life problem, not a brain disease. We talk about the ideas that he has been writing about for many years. You can listen on YouTube or on my podcast. Also, my podcast now has video on Spotify.

00:00:00 Stanton Peele
00:02:43 Failure is redefined as success in addition science
00:05:05 Life Process Program
00:07:33 Most rehab sets a person up for failure
00:09:01 A non-disease approach is more realistic
00:10:11 Harm reduction
00:10:49 The entire addiction field is built on bullshit
00:11:55 What is addiction?
00:13:41 Opioid addiction
00:16:37 Mindfulness
00:17:11 Responsibility in addiction
00:19:19 What does a person gain from addiction?
00:21:57 Brain science BS in addiction
00:22:05 Life needs to come online with their values
00:24:20 Human motivation and experience help a person quit
00:26:23 Dealing with addiction as a disease makes it worse
00:28:52 Freud and secondary gain
00:31:14 My job is to open a window for a person
00:31:46 You have the power to improve yourself
00:31:48 Encouraging a person is the most essential ingredient
00:33:25 Labels hurt a person
00:36:21 Therapeutic State
00:36:31 Jeffrey Schaler
00:37:20 Addiction that causes the most deaths
00:42:43 Addiction to alcohol
00:45:08 Living a good life prevents addiction
00:48:04 Labels can be crippling
00:48:57 Life Process Program
00:49:37 Books by Stanton Peele
00:52:35 Stanton’s Podcast
00:53:03 Stanton’s YouTube Channel

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