Joel Bein on Music, Creativity, Writing, and Taking Action

I talk with Joel Bein about music, writing, creativity, and taking action. Joel is a conductor, author, director of growth at Crash, and writer of The Daily Job Hunt. He recently released his book, Do It Now on Amazon. Listen on YouTube below, or on my podcast.

Here is a clip of one of the highlights:

00:00:00 Joel Bein
00:00:27 Crash
00:03:13 Unleashing creative power
00:04:58 The Daily Job Hunt
00:06:22 Bias for action
00:06:38 Connection between music and creativity
00:09:51 Joel’s book, Do It Now
00:10:37 Music vs writing
00:14:09 From blogging to a career in email marketing
00:18:02 Self-directed learning
00:23:35 Getting started at Crash
00:25:22 Pitching crash
00:27:45 What did you do to get a job at Crash?
00:30:10 Is your job exciting to work at?
00:33:05 What is it like to write for 150,000 people per day?
00:34:56 The Daily Job Hunt
00:37:10 How do you manage social media?
00:45:22 Getting started on any project
00:47:04 Why did you write this book?
00:49:06 Derek Sivers
00:53:05 Coercion vs Voluntarism
00:55:04 Acting from interest and motivation
00:56:38 How to be more creative
00:57:24 What tools did you use to write this book?
01:00:34 Asking for feedback on the book
01:04:51 Conclusion
01:06:43 Joel’s book: Do It Now

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