The Real Anthony Fauci

The Real Anthony Fauci is an in-depth look at the psychopath named Fauci. There are so many facets to this man’s deviousness. He has been able to deflect so much of the crap he’s been involved in over the years that people who know him call him Teflon Tony. The book is dense but worth it.

Most disturbing were the experiments Fauci conducted on orphaned children with his favorite toxic AZT drug thought to be helpful for AIDS. This was unethical and illegal as the children were not granted a guardian to look after their “treatment”. Many of the kids in the study died and were buried in a mass grave in NY. The BBC did a documentary on it called Guinea Pig Kids. Not all of the kids even had confirmed cases of AIDS. If the kids refused to take the medicine and protested by refusing to eat, they then had feeding tubes installed.

It is no surprise that he also sanctioned the gruesome experiments on beagles and the grotesque experiments involving rats and aborted fetal scalps. The scalps of aborted children were sutured to rats where pharmaceutical products could be tested. This man cannot be taken seriously by anyone with a conscience.

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