A Plague Upon Our House

Dr. Scott Atlas’s book, A Plague upon Our House, gives unique insight into the goings-on of the White House Coronavirus task force meeting. This was the group of rejects that thought they were smart enough to outsmart a virus.

Atlas recounts the many meetings he had at the task force and the performances of idiocy. At the meetings were Dr. Birx (scarf lady), VP Pence, Dr. Fauci, and other fools. In his tales, Dr. Birx stands out as the real villain, while Fauci was just a parrot along for the ride. Dr. Birx was rude, short-tempered, and sought to dominate all conversation around corona coming from the White House. Dr. Birx loved to make color-coded charts with arbitrary cut-offs, and categories. No one at the meetings, besides Atlas came prepared with any relevant scientific literature!

When Atlas questioned the lockdowns, the masks, and the general direction things were heading, he was ostracized. If he brought up the fact there would be severe damages caused by lockdowns and fear-mongering, he was accused of being dangerous and not following the science.

Atlas was a top radiologist with degrees in epidemiology, who eventually went on to Stanford to work for 15 years as an academic epidemiologist. This did not stop those in power from calling him a fringe nut job.

Atlas was incredibly naive going into the job. He couldn’t believe that the so-called scientists in charge had no clue or concern with what the science was saying. They had no interest in keeping up with the latest science. He didn’t realize he was dealing with politicians disguised as scientists.

For someone of Atlas’s age, it is a bit embarrassing how optimistic he was. He thought could help by analyzing science and using his knowledge as an epidemiologist to help the county. Little did he know that the entrenched bureaucrats had none of that in mind.

He should have read Bureaucracy by Ludwig Von Mises first. Bureaucrats seek to enlarge their position, gain power and prestige at the cost of everything else.

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