Always Be Creating

Creating and sharing what you are learning is a powerful habit to practice.

When we share, we get into the habit of thinking about how to present content to other people in a way that makes sense. It involves planning and thinking through the story arc of what you are doing.

But too many people get caught up in the perfectionist mode to share. They worry about looking foolish. They worry that their content isn’t good enough. They worry about not having a master plan.

Steven Pressfield recently talked about this on the Joe Rogan podcast. Pressfield believes that there is an actual force, called Resistance, that holds us back from creating our best work. The only way to overcome the Resistance is to constantly fight back.

Steven Pressfield on the Joe Rogan Podcast

People think you need a master plan before you get started creating. You don’t.

You need reps. The plan will come with time.

My sister has been talking for a while about starting a blog, YouTube, or TikTok channel related to her hobbies.

Whenever I’d ask her if she’s started yet, she say something about how she didn’t have it planned out yet, she didn’t know how to edit yet. She needed to take a course on editing videos.

But the best way to learn is to just get started.

I challenged her to do 1 video a day for 30 days. Her channel already has close to 400 likes! Not bad!

Check out her latest TikTok video:

The best way to get better at something is to get started. Now go share what you are learning.

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