Hydro Dipping Nerf Blasters

I’m always trying to get my kids to be creative and share what they are learning. Instead of watching people do cool things on YouTube, I tell them to spend the time building their own channel by doing cool things.

My son took that to heart with something called hydro dipping. I had a vague idea of what it was. It sounded like something messy and difficult. I didn’t want to get into it.

But he said, “Dad, you said to do cool things, not just watch cool things.”

I agreed to help him out. But, I wanted him to get experience sharing what he was learning with others. I told him we could buy the supplies as long as he posted the experience on his YT channel.

Below you’ll find the video of us hydro-dipping some of his Nerf blasters! Give him a sub.

Hydro dipping nerf blasters!

2 thoughts on “Hydro Dipping Nerf Blasters

  1. Omg he’s adorable! Keep up the great dad and son work! That made me smile seeing your son so excited about his results. I remember when some of my sons used to paint and modify NERF guns. Now they work on engines. 😊

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