On Writing Well – A Reminder

One of my main jobs as Content Manager of PartnerHacker.com is writing and editing. And I’m always looking for ways to get better.

I recently re-read, On Writing Well by William Zinser (my book review is here). He gives such great advice on writing. His main advice: be clear, be concise and be human.

If you’re not going to write with clarity, then why write at all? Don’t write if you’re not committed to clarity.

Be concise. Most writing could be cut in half, and it would be much better.

Be human. Use humor. Tell a story. Take the reader on a trip. Don’t explain why something is interesting; make it interesting!

Practice. Write a lot to get better at it. Write about your hobbies and your passions. Copy great writer’s style. Talk with other people and get them to tell you their stories. Practice telling your story.

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