My Daughter Published a Children’s Book

My eight-year-old daughter wanted to write a book. Instead of just printing it out at home, I suggested she put in the extra effort to publish it on Amazon.

It’s a story of adventure. Two kids, Emma and Graham, embark on an epic journey into the strange place where dragons rule the land. The kids fight for their survival as they make their way back home.

It’s geared for kids 4-12 years old.

You can pick up the Kindle copy for free today and tomorrow! But, if you want to see the pictures she created for each chapter, I’d recommend buying the paperback copy.

Why Publish a Kid’s Book?

It was fun but difficult to help her create the book. I had to learn to relax and let her create the way that she felt her ideas could best shine. I could’ve helped her complete the book much faster than she did, especially the images, but I would have robbed her of the learning process.

She learned about writing, design, and a bit of code. The real learning was not so much about the technical aspects, but the fact that she felt a sense of accomplishment in bringing her ideas to fruition.

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