The Beauty of Micro Payments on Bitcoin

In a previous post, I wrote about Bitcoin, its promise, and its vision.

In this post, I’m going to focus on the actual real-world applications of Bitcoin.

Please note, that I’m not talking about the scam coin known by the ticker symbol BTC. I’m talking about BitcoinSV (BSV) which can be used today to send fractions of a cent to anyone around the world. If you don’t believe me, sign-up for the Handcash wallet, and try it out for yourself.


Twetch is kind of like a clone of Twitter that runs on the Bitcoin blockchain. But, it gets rid of the grifters, spammers, and trolls!

It costs money to post, like, and share on Twetch. It costs 2 cents to post, 5 cents to like, and 2 cents to share or retweet. If you put out good content, you can make money using Twetch! I’ve made a bit of money just for interacting with other people.

You own your data on Twetch. If Twetch goes down, another company can still read your Twetches on the BSV blockchain and spin up a new interface. You have full control of the data you put out.

There are only about 70k users on Twetch right now, but the people who are on there are interesting. I think this is due to the high barrier to entry. Most people don’t want to have to pay to use social media.

If you want to join the fellowship over there, use this link to sign-up. Give me a follow while you’re there.


Canonic is a self-publishing platform on the Bitcoin blockchain. You can self-publish a book on-chain, and have the funds from sales go directly to your Bitcoin wallet. Some of the books are available as NFTs that can be redeemed for a physical copy of the book, or other premium content. I’ve purchased several books from Canonic. My favorite book from Canonic was The Inner Game of Startups by Isaac Morehouse.


RelayX is a bitcoin wallet and marketplace. It allows you to easily create non-fungible tokens (NFTs) such as artwork, music, and poems, and sell them! You can also create fungible tokens (FTs).


One Taco company called Shreddy’s Tacos has listed an NFT on RelayX that gives the owner rights to unlimited tacos!

My 8 yo daughter was inspired to sell some of her artwork as an NFT and has made a few bucks! I wrote and narrated an NFT poem and sold it.

NFT Artwork
My daughter’s first NFT artwork

The cool thing about NFTs on the BitcoinSV blockchain is that the artwork actually lives on-chain. This is unlike NFTs on other blockchains that simply link to a digital item on an Amazon AWS server or an IPSF link that may not even be around in a few years.


You can also list fungible tokens (FTs). Below is a video of me creating the Aaron Olson token. You can use this to hire me to do stuff.

Creating the Aaron Olson Token on the BSV blockchain

Suppose you need help creating a blog, book, or podcast. You can hire me, and pay in the Aaron Olson token. By tokenizing my time, it creates a marketplace for my time.

For example, if someone thinks that my time is going to be more valuable in the future, they might buy up a bunch of my tokens now so that they can sell them in the future for a profit. This would send a signal to the marketplace to pay attention to me. I’ll set my time equal to 1 token per minute. Go get yours now!

Creating a market through tokens allows those who see talent to invest in a person before they make it big. Suppose an up-and-coming comedian like Tyler Fischer tokenized his work and allowed others to invest in his work with a token. This would give him money, while allowing others to support his work.

There are a lot of ideas for tokenization that are yet to be explored.

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