The Inner Game of Startups

The Inner Game of Startups will go down as one of the great books published on Bitcoin with Canonic.

Isaac Morehouse’s book gave me a glimpse at the borderline one must walk between delusion and reality when starting a new business and introducing new ideas to the market. I appreciated his frankness and willingness to share the ups and downs of starting a new business.

I gained a sense of wonder and inspiration as Morehouse espoused the beauty of voluntary interactions taking place in the anarchistic market. I learned about the sense of joy one can gain from creating something from scratch and offering it up to others to improve their lives.

Morehouse shares in a raw, unedited conversational tone. He tells how starting a new venture nearly killed him, and how he regained his sense of vitality through focused effort. By telling his story, he encourages the reader to dream big and to use imagination to think outside the box.

An excellent book for those of us chasing the vision of providing something of incredible value to the world.

It’s a shame that only 100 will ever be published. I am grateful to have been one of the few who picked up a copy.

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