Vibram Lontra Review

Here is my review of the Vibram Lontra. Great for cold and wet weather.

First off, let me say that I really like this shoe. Prior to the Lontra, I would typically just head to the treadmill on a cold or wet day.
I don’t like running in many other shoes other than the Fivefingers. Nothing fits my foot as well. I know many people who try the Fivefingers have a hard time going back to any other shoe. This obviously presents problems for those of us who live in northern climates.

Rather than listing the pros and cons of the shoe, I feel that the shoe can be better described on a continuum of trade-offs.

  1. The shoe is water resistant, but it is not very breathable. Probably wouldn’t want to wear it in temps above 45 degrees F.

  2. Difficult to get on, yet keeps snow and water out. Much more difficult to get on than any other Vibram, but that helps keep stuff out.

  3. Lacks flexibility and ground feel of other models, yet protects against rocks and ice. This model has the same sole as the Treksport. It is the beefiest Vibram sole in my opinion and protects the most against rocks.

  4. They have made one improvement of the inner lining of the shoe when compared to the Treksport sole. The Treksport has seems running down either side of the shoe that caused some blistering for me. The Lontra on the other hand has one seem running down the middle of the shoe that is unobtrusive and a much better design.

Similar to my dogs winter shoes?
Seem runs down middle of shoe rather than on either side


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