Garmin 920XT vs 620 vs 220 Garmin 920XT is a huge improvement over the Garmin 620 A few key features: Daily activity tracking Sleep tracking (with built in accelerometer) Smart watch features (see emails, text and other notifications) Indoor run tracking through accelerometer VO2 max estimates Race predictor based on last runs HR and pace Large easy to read screen … Continue reading Garmin 920XT vs 620 vs 220

Running: Skill or Innate?

Is running a skill, or something that we are born to do? According to the recent book, The Running Revolution by Nicholas Romanov, running is a skill that needs to be practiced. Romanov claims that running technique needs to be mastered through rigorous practice. To me, it seems unlikely that mother nature would've forgot to hardwire humans with the ability to run properly. Every … Continue reading Running: Skill or Innate?

TOPO athletic Runduro Review Buy on Amazon: Men's : Women's Natural footbed shape Wide, natural shaped toebox allows for comfortable ride 3mm drop Soft EVA foam Seemless interior Wide forefoot. Decent traction, could be taken on trails I love the BOA lacing system  minimal arch support allows for natural elastic recoil fo arch to function topo footbed vs … Continue reading TOPO athletic Runduro Review