The Job Hunt for Experienced Professionals

What do you do if you’ve been working for a while but looking to make a move to something else? You’ve built up a ton of skills, but how will those skills transfer to a new job?

I listened to some of the answers in The Deliberate Dropout Podcast from Praxis. Here were the takeaways:

  • Be specific
  • Find a problem that you care about and start pitching companies that are solving it
  • Hone your pitch
  • Build a list of companies you want to work for
  • Consider that you may have to go with entry-level if starting in a new industry
  • Communicate your value
  • Build relationships with people at the companies you want to work for
  • Highlight your skills by demonstrating your value proposition
  • Listen to market feedback and adjust your pitch
  • Take note of the things you don’t like at your current job
  • Once you know the skillset you have to offer, you can be more specific in finding opportunities
  • Forge your own identity rather than allowing your job to create one for you

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