How to Format and Publish Your Book to Sell Online

I recorded a screencast showing you how I publish books to sell online. I show you how to get started in under 5-minutes.

How I format and publish books to sell online.

Why Write a Book?

We all have something unique to say. I recently read a book by a 14-year-old entrepreneur who made me think differently about the world.

Just 20 years ago, you still had to go through the traditional gatekeepers. Today, anyone can publish a book. If you put a little thought into it and offer a unique perspective, you can get your book out there and make someone else’s life a little better.

Gain Confidence Through Book Reviews

I’ve sold a few thousand books on Amazon and Audible. That doesn’t amount to much money, but it is gratifying to see positive reviews like the ones below.

On Using Stoicism to Overcome Adversity:

Short, practical, and life changing. I love how simple it is and how easy it is to follow. This is a must-read!

This is a concise overview of Albert Ellis version of self-therapy. It really gets to the meat of what Ellis was able to extrapolate from Stoic Philosophy… You can read this book easily in one sitting and it will change your life.

From reviews of Low Mileage Running:

Read this book in one sitting, and quite enjoyed it. Aaron lays out this strategy for running performance which can be summarized as: do the most specific thing for your event, and focus on performance, not complicated physiology… you’d be wise to take a look at Aaron’s work.

What a terrific book! The emphasis is on quality running rather than doing countless miles of pointless plodding…. Highly recommended.

A Launchpad to Sell Other Services

You can use your book as a launchpad to sell other services. If you are a coach, you can pitch your coaching services. If you are a speaker, you can get more speaking gigs. If you are trying to build an email newsletter, you can offer your book in exchange for emails. You could even use your book as part of your resume.

Get Help Writing Your Book

Have you started writing a book, but couldn’t finish? Do you need help getting started? Need help with formatting? If you’ve been trying to write a book, but can’t seem to get going, reach out to me and I’ll help you get it done!

I’m here to help you outline, format, and write your book. I can help you get your outline together. You can also hire me to ghostwrite the entire book for you! Together we’ll put together a plan to get your book out there to the world.

Email me at

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