Mark Eglinton on the Enigma of John McAfee

I talk with author Mark Eglinton about his book, No Domain: The John McAfee Tapes. Mark spent many hours talking with McAfee in the twilight of McAfee’s existence on this planet. Mark regaled me with many a story about the enigmatic character of John McAfee. Listen on YouTube, Spotify, or anywhere else you get podcasts.

Mark Eglinton on writing and John McAfee

00:00:00 Mark Eglinton
00:00:33 How did Mark become a writer?
00:01:30 From caddy to writer
00:05:30 Do the work, just do it
00:06:00 Where do you start?
00:08:20 How do you start?
00:09:20 Get some distance from your work
00:10:27 Writing is the sexiest job ever
00:12:00 How is the money in writing?
00:12:15 Make shit happen
00:13:10 How Mark started working with John McAfee
00:14:28 John McAfee is The Great White Whale
00:15:45 Was John telling the truth?
00:19:00 Working with John was like being in a James Bond movie
00:20:45 John’s relationship with his kids
00:24:10 John’s early life as a programmer
00:25:40 John’s work for NASA
00:27:44 John applied math to relationships
00:29:00 Did John ever work hard?
00:29:34 John and methamphetamine
00:30:28 John didn’t want a corporate life
00:31:40 John’s outlandish spending
00:32:23 John McAfee and yoga
00:33:15 John’s yoga books
00:34:50 Amanda Milius
00:35:55 John McAfee weeps
00:37:27 John understood the human spirit
00:38:25 John leaves Belize
00:40:00 John marries Janice
00:41:00 John on the run in the US
00:41:40 Was John just paranoid?
00:42:18 Janice ties to poison John
00:43:10 John cancels the book project
00:46:30 Was John broke?
00:48:00 Canonic books on bitcoin
00:49:40 Books as NFTs
00:51:00 Will tech control us, or will we control tech?
00:52:00 Extras associated w/ the NFT
00:55:40 Canonic is seeing into the future
00:57:25 Steve Bannon
00:59:40 Mark on Twitter
01:00:00 Mark on Twetch

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