How to Make an Audiobook for Audible and iTunes with ACX

I created a screencast to show you how to create an audiobook version of your book for Audible and iTunes. You can view it below.

There are multiple ways to do this process. You could save each chapter as an audio file and audacity project, but I like to keep the whole audiobook in one single audacity project and .wav file and then chop it up with at the end.

I use the labels function in Audacity to mark the chapters. At the beginning of each chapter, use a label in audacity, make sure to leave .5 – 1 sec of room noise on either side of the label. On a Mac the labels function in Audacity is under Edit -> labels. When you are finished, export the audio for the whole book as one .wav file and upload it to Also, export your labels from Audacity and upload them to the project at 

Now that you are in, upload your single .wav file, then select “import chapter marks from file” and upload your labels. Check the box in that says “split chapters”. This will automatically divide each chapter into a separate file.

In the output quality on, select 192 kbps, MP3, and check “mono”. In, under audio algorithms, select, Audio leveler, loudness normalization, filtering, and select loudness target of -18 or -20 LUFS.

You can set Auphonic to automatically save all your files to your Dropbox, Google Drive or download them yourself.

Listen for any mistakes, and then upload the resultant MP3 files to your ACX project. ACX is owned by Amazon and is the company that works with Audible and iTunes to get your audio published on those platforms. In the ACX project, you can choose to publish exclusively with Audible/Amazon or you can have a non-exclusive arrangement that will also publish it to iTunes and lets your reserve the right to publish it elsewhere.

I hope this helps.

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