Learn Out Loud

If you are learning something, put it out there for the world to see! Make a YouTube video about it, blog about it, or write about it on your Facebook profile. Why keep everything you are learning only for yourself?

In the book, The Minimalist Entrepreneur, Sahil Lavingia, gives an example of two friends who were redoing their websites. One friend quietly reworked his site, while the other announced it, created screen recordings of what he was doing, and sold it as a course online. Lavingia is the man behind Gumroad, a site that allows creators to easily sell their work.

Another person I follow, Derek Magill was also extolling the virtue of learning-out-loud this week. Through his talk on YouTube, he encouraged me to start blogging again. Derek is a college dropout, who taught himself marketing, helping companies make millions. He now works for Praxis, a company that encourages kids to skip college and learn on the job. Praxis helps young people get jobs and build their portfolios while in the program. Leaning-out-loud is one of Praxis’ main components. You can listen to a few podcasts with Derek below.

Over the years, I’ve done this to some extent. I’ve created blogs, YouTube videos, podcasts, and written books. For example, when I was struggling with injuries while running, I learned a way to run that involved focusing on quality rather than quantity and wrote a book about it. When I was struggling in life, I wrote a book about how Stoicism helped me out.

Over the next few weeks, I hope to share some things I’ve been learning. For example, through an experiment, I started a side hustle selling a product I make from home, making over 1k in the past month by posting a YouTube video. I also started doing some freelance work for a company I love called Crash. Check out the video I made for Crash with my kids below. I’ll write more about it soon. (Update, I wrote about it)

Crash is a company that helps job hunters stand out by helping them create amazing pitches to companies, rather than just submitting a resume. Sign-up for their excellent Daily Job Hunt email to get an idea of what they are about. It’s quite a motivating newsletter.

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