Raising Chickens for Eggs – Eglu Review

For the past 2 months, we’ve been experimenting raising chickens for their eggs using the small Eglu Coop. When raising your own chickens, you can control what they eat and give them plenty of time to roam, where they can eat bugs, toads, and worms.

Many cities  allow permits for backyard chickens. I bought the coop on craigslist from a woman who was raising chickens in Minneapolis in a small backyard. She was upgrading to a bigger coop! I was able to avoid having to raise chickens from chicks by purchasing 1 year old hens on craigslist for $10 each. 

I’d highly recommend the Eglu chicken coop if you want something small and easy to clean. So far, we’ve been very happy with our Eglu Chicken Coop. It’s easy to clean, and keeps predators out. It took about 4 weeks before the chickens got used to their new home and started producing egg everyday. Now we get 2-3 fresh eggs everyday!

The coop fits 2-4 chickens depending on their size. Our hens our medium size, so we decided to start with 3 hens.

A tray slides out to clean out droppings
Easy access to eggs
Chickens like to perch on plastic grate
Chickens seem pretty happy and always come back at night even when out all day
I’d prefer another color, but pink is ok

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