How to Make a Career Change

9 months ago, I changed industries completely. 😬 I went from being a forensic scientist working in a government lab to doing content for a B2B SaaS media company.

If you’ve been affected by layoffs, or feeling stuck in your job – know there is a path to something better. You CAN do something different.

I used the Career Hackers method to level up.

Here’s what I did:

  • I did a bunch of free work to build my portfolio and showcase my skills
  • I blogged daily and wrote free articles for other websites
  • I made connections through Slack groups and social media
  • I sent video pitches to places I wanted to work
  • I put out tons of my work for free, including podcasts, and making my books free on my website

I went from the slow pace of a government lab to the hyper-speed pace of B2B SaaS. You can make a change too.

If you’re struggling to move forward. Let’s talk.

I’m opening up time on my cal on Thursday afternoons to talk with anyone about ways you can move forward in your career journey.

Please feel free to schedule a time to chat.

PS – I’m publishing mostly on LinkedIn these days. Feel free to connect with me there.

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