Partner Up and Win

What does it mean to Partner Up and win? Doing business alone is tough. But when you partner up with other businesses, you accelerate your growth.

It’s kind of like trying to build a blog alone. You’ll find you get very little traction at first. But if you start blogging with others, podcasting with others, and highlighting others, you see growth happen right away.

Tomorrow, join the PartnerHacker crew and me for The European Partner Moment.

It’s going down at 10 am ET tomorrow, 4 pm France/Germany time, or 3 pm UK.

We’re getting together to talk about:

  • The State of SaaS Partnerships in Europe: Opportunities & Threats
  • Partnering in the UK, France, Germany: Local Differences & Best Practices
  • Personal Branding & Positioning for Partnership Professionals

I wanted to send a personal invite to you. If you are interested in learning more about partnering, join us.

Check out my personal invite to you from the PartnerHacker crew and me:

Click the image to play the video on LinkedIn.

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