Burn Your Resume

For those affected by layoffs – first, that sucks. I’m sorry you are dealing with that.

Second, instead of sending out your resume to dozens of jobs, focus on making a great pitch to a handful of companies that you really want to work for. Don’t worry about whether they are officially hiring or not. 

Think about it like this: You are trying to make a 50 – 150k sale.

You need a great pitch, not a resume

Do this instead:

1. Do free work. Provide value before you even start. Think of a project you can do while not officially working for the company. A better landing page, better email copy, a new email drip campaign, a mockup homepage redesign, or a plan to do one aspect of business better. Or try this: offer to work for free for 2 weeks so they can see how you work.

2. Make connections and learn out loud. Start a podcast and blog to interview experts in the field you are interested in. Write about your own expertise and what you learned from your podcast.

3. Send a pitch! Make a 2-minute video pitch about how you would provide value if hired. Showcase the free work you’ve been doing. Smile. Explain why you love the company. Talk mostly about them, not about yourself! Add some fun editing from a mobile editor such as YouCut or CapCut.

4. Follow up. After you get an interview, follow up with another small project. Something like: “Hey it was great meeting you, here is another project I made that would help with XYX.”

As you provide value, make connections, hone your pitch, and follow through, you’re bound to find an employer that values what you have to offer. 

H/T Career Hackers and Isaac Morehouse for the advice on this.

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