What I’ve Learned Since Starting at a Startup

I’m one month into joining an awesome niche media startup company, PartnerHacker, as their content manager.

Here’s what I’ve learned so far:

You gotta be ready to wear many hats.

Text, audio, video, images, and books. Whatever is needed. Don’t be afraid to jump in and get shit done.

Keeping up with stuff

You need to ignore slack messages sometimes. You won’t get anything done if you’re always responding to the latest message.

The same goes for social media.


Write shorter sentences. Write shorter paragraphs.

It makes your writing easier to read. Especially online.

Don’t use qualifiers. Just write what you want to say.

Don’t couch your language. It makes your writing boring.

Connecting with others

Reach out and talk with people in your industry on Zoom. It makes the job more fun when you connect with others.

Get to know your team with regular meetups on Zoom.

I’m happy to be part of the exciting team at PartnerHacker.

Hanging on for the ride

I look forward to continuing to ride this rocket ship 🚀.

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