How I Gained 40 lbs of Muscle and Why I Stopped Running

Recently on my YouTube channel, I’ve received several comments related to why I don’t run anymore.

About 5 or 6 years ago, I mostly stopped running. Running got kind of boring for me. With the lack of sleep from raising kids and the increased demands of my time, I realized I couldn’t keep up the same level of performance in running.

One day I got back from a run, put my Garmin GPS watch for sale on eBay, and decided to focus on building strength instead of cannibalizing my body through running.

When I was running, I weighed close to 140 lbs, sometimes as low as 135 lbs. It was time for me to start focusing on building strength.

I got up to about 165 lb through some basic weight training a few days a week. Over the past two years, I’ve gained even more strength and muscle mass by eating more and working out on a near daily basis.

My routine now consists of three exercises: pull-ups, push-ups, and squat jumps. This, along with cutting back on caffeine, has allowed me to get up to around 180 lbs of mostly muscle.

I spend about 30-40 minutes a day doing this routine.

Here’s a video of the routine that I currently use:

My workout routine and why I stopped running

Some of the benefits I’ve seen from gaining muscle:

– easier to carry my kids
– easier to carry heavy things
– increased confidence
– my clothes fit me better

4 thoughts on “How I Gained 40 lbs of Muscle and Why I Stopped Running

  1. I’ ve applied your training perspective, between 2016 and 2020 in my last years as a master runner, finding it effective. It was astonishing to me to find out that an abrupt cutting of mileage didn’t mean a lower performance. I became father of two males and , rapidly understanding how important was to improve strength, I choose to spend the most part of the few decades of minutes I had free for this target……but I still manage to do some fartlek, running free, discovering that the performance is lowering less than I thought…….


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