Andrew Wakefield on Vaccines

Steven Kirsch, a tech entrepreneur, turned philanthropist recently interviewed Andrew Wakefield about vaccine safety. Kirsch has an intersting story. In the spring of 2020, he was a big proponent of Covid vaccines. That changed when he saw several black swan-type events. One of his family members and several people in his close circle died within a week of taking the Covid vaccine. As he started to look at the data he became disturbed by the safety profile of the injections being recommended. Since then, he’s spent most of his time investigating the safety of vaccines.

Wakefield is one of the thirteen authors of a paper published in the prestigious journal Lancet that looked at the connection between autism and the MMR vaccine. The conclusions of the paper were rather mild. The authors recommended further investigation. After publication, Big Pharma put pressure on the Lancet to retract the study and the authors were given the option to sign a retraction statement or be smeared in the media. A few of the authors, including Wakefield, refused to sign and their careers were destroyed.

Since then, Wakefield has been involved in making documentaries about the potential dangers and lax safety standards of vaccines. One of his movies is called Vaxxed. It highlights a whistleblower from the CDC who showed that they were hiding data related to autism and vaccines. What was especially egregious was that the data showed the vaccines disproportionately affected black boys.

I found the interview with Wakefield interesting because he risked his career to say something that was unpopular. It would have been easier for him to keep quiet and keep going about his business of being a family doctor. He chose a different path in which he had everything to lose and nothing to gain.

Below is another documentary called, The Greater Good Movie, about some of the dangers of vaccines.

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