$100k per day on TikTok?!

I recently listened to an interview with a woman who goes by Miss Excel on TikTok and makes up to $100K per day selling her course on how to use Microsoft Excel. What I found so fascinating about this story was that the woman was sort of an ultra-spiritual type, she wasn’t some hardball businesswoman. When asked how she came up with the idea to start making TikTok videos of how to use Microsoft Excel, she spoke about how she got her ideas mostly through meditation and reading books!

She says that she had been meditating for a while about how to get out of her job. She asked a friend what she thought she should do. Her friend asked her, “What do you like to do?” She said she liked helping people, she liked Microsoft excel, and I liked dancing. Her friend told her to create a TikTok account with videos about Excel and dancing. She thought to herself, “Oh I could never be on TikTok. I wouldn’t want to put up myself to the world like that.”

She went home and thought about it and she created 10 TikTok videos that night. She released one video per day and by the 4th video, she had gone viral with millions of views. A businessman reached out to her to create a Microsoft Excel course for his company on how to use the spreadsheet program for his team. After she created the course for his team, she decided to create her own course and sell them through her TikTok account. Now every time she has a sale she generates up to $100,000 in revenue.

It’s a fun story to listen to. We still have to consider all the people who have tried to exit their job, start TikTok videos, and failed, but it’s inspiring to hear how someone went from hating their day job to creating something of amazing value for others. The interview was especially interesting because the interviewer is not a high-energy TikTok-type person. I think it’s an interview worth listening to. Check it out.

Here’s the book she recommended: Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself: How to Lose Your Mind and Create a New One

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