Book Club Anyone?

Thomas Szasz is one of the most interesting and creative thinkers I have ever read. I would like to start a book club to discuss some of his ideas and books. I’d like to record a conversation for a podcast with fellow admirers of Szasz as we read together. thinking of starting a book club. We’ll meet via Zoom to discuss Liberation by Oppression by Thomas Szasz.

Interested? Contact me below.

3 thoughts on “Book Club Anyone?

  1. Yes, I’m interested. I read that book ~25 years ago and it made a big impression on me. Recently, I’ve met a couple people who are into Szasz to some extent and it’s made me think about his work again. I’m planning to read “The Right to Drugs” for the first time, and I’d be happy to reread and discuss “Liberation by Oppression.” (I’ve also read “The Myth of Mental Illness,” perhaps about 20 years ago.)

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